Detailed CAD model of Orin NX with thermal properties of components for Simulation


Can you provide detailed 3D model of the Orin NX possibly in native format for thermal simulation software in one of the neutral formats or even with proprietary format for some software such as Flotherm, Ansys, Solidworks, …?

I noticed that the Thermal Design Guide (TDG-11127-001_v1.0 |) has most of the required information available in Tables 3-X but no detailed 3D model is provided. I see only “3D Component Envelope” available which is not sufficient for proper thermal simulations…

Please search “3D CAD STEP MODEL” in DLC for the docs. That’s all we can provide currently.

Are you referring to the “3D Component Envelope” which is unusable for detail thermal simulations? Do you have any schedule for the release of the actual detailed model?

Can you share what kind of “detailed 3D model” you mean? For thermal solution design, we only provide the data, spec and instruction as listed in TDG. Customer should be able to make custom solution based on that.

I’m basically looking for the 3D model which has been used to generate the figure 1-1. and 1-2 in TDG-11127-001_v1.0 document a model with all components placed on the PCB with their correct heights etc. Additionally detailed model of the SOC package would be required for sufficient thermal simulation, a model with accurate representation of the die, wafer bumps, interposer and the interface between the package and the PCB of Orin NX are described in with respect to the the thermal characteristics…

I hope you can provide us with this information to enable us to proceed with proper thermal design with Orin NX.

We don’t provide such model. What we can provide are all in DLC, like TDG, module datasheet and 3D CAD STEP MODEL and etc.

Thank you for your time Trumany.

Could you possibly consider providing the detailed 3D model with the components placed on the PCB?
At least the components which are referred in Figure3-2 of TDG-11127-001_v1.0 if there is some business reason (which I cant understand) not to provide all of the data to your customers in typical industry format (STEP file) rather than a drawing which is already available in the documents you provide to us?

As said in TDG: NVIDIA provides a 3D CAD file (STP format) of the Jetson Orin NX module on the downloads section of the “NVIDIA Developers Website.”
It provides a 3D CAD model that shows an envelope that the board components will not exceed. Any heat sink should be designed to not intrude into the envelope. The heat sink should be referenced to the SoC die area (Highlighted).

This 3D CAD file (envelope) is not sufficient for thermal simulations and thus proper design of the thermal solution once we plan to integrate the SOM into a specific form factor. If possible please provide the detailed 3D model in STEP file format.

Per TDG, the “specific form factor” should also be designed to not intrude into the envelope. Anyway, current docs are what we can provide now, customer should be able to make custom thermal solution per previous feedback. I can forward your requests to related team, but not sure if that will be accepted. Will update here if any progress.

If it ends up (TBH for some reason I don’t understand) to provide the detailed 3D model I will create it myself for the simulation purposes… Could you possibly provide the nominal height information for the components numbered 1 - 11 in the Figure 3-2 of TDG-11127-001_v1.0?

No, we don’t provide that.

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