Xavier NX Module Detailed 3D CAD file


We are looking to design a custom mechanical case with thermal implementation for the NX. The file available at [https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-xavier-nx-3d-cad-step-model] has this file [Jetson_Xavier_NX_Module_3D_STEP_Model_nv.zip]

The level of detail in this external envelope CAD is not as good as the one available for the Jetson Nano module 3D CAD.

Would it be possible to get the detailed model?
Would be great if it can capture details as in the image above. Thermal and mechanical design requires accurate knowledge of the vertical projections both for top & bottom faces of the module.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, what kind of detail info do you want? You can get the module dimension from the model. For module PCB size, it is not public.

For the casing and non-convective thermal solution, we need all the vertical projections, their heights & dimensions. What would be required to access the non-public information? We are okay signing an NDA, or licensing agreement.

You can refer to Xavier NX thermal design guide in DLC to make thermal solution.