403: Forbidden. Why is it like this?

I did what github told me to do, but I don’t know why this result is coming out.
The information on your computer now runs this code on RTX4090.
OS is ubunt 22.04
Please understand that Korean is included in the error.
[–2023-11-11 02:00:33–
해석 중…,,, …
다음으로 연결 중: download.caffe2.ai.s3.amazonaws.com (download.caffe2.ai.s3.amazonaws.com)||:80… 연결했습니다.
HTTP 요청을 보냈습니다. 응답 기다리는 중… 403 Forbidden
2023-11-11 02:00:35 오류 403: Forbidden.]
If possible, I’d like to know the cause and the solution.


Can you please provide more information so I can move this to the correct category? This board is for forum feedback and offers no support.

What Github are you referring to?
What are you trying to download?

Thanks, Tom