465.24.02 page fault

Is this another issue with forced preemption in the kernel? Doesn’t Arch provide another kernel with voluntarily or no preeemption?
Personally, I never enabled forced preemption as it comes with a risk that shouldn’t be taken without a reason.
Maybe report to your distribution as well.

It has been, however this happens on any arch kernel I’ve tried it with, linux, linux-zen, linux-tkg, linux-lts

Does any of them not have forced peemption enabled?

Zen has it enabled, lts has it disabled

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Same problem here. Fedora 34 using 465* series driver. (Kernel 5.11.17). [GTX 1070]

I use triple monitors. 2 x Display Port and 1 x HDMI.

If I try to boot with any Display Port device connected the machine will hang very early on in the boot process.
If I disconnect both Display Port devices and use HDMI only the machine will boot fine. When Fedora has fully loaded the machine will hard lock the second I connect any Display Port device.

Reverting to 460.67 allows normal operation again.

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Hi. I am having Kernel Panic problem with 465 driver, but only when I try to resume/wake up the PC from Sleep/Suspend to RAM. I am using only HDMI output (I don’t use DisplayPort output)
I’ve seen others also having a similar problem (I guess):

KDE Neon (Ubuntu 20.04) - GTX 960
I have already reported the problem.

I have the same problem.

This problem seems to occur only with certain monitors. I have one 4k LG monitor which works fine, but my other 4k BenQ monitor causes the crash.

The BenQ monitor has freesync while the LG one doesn’t. Could be related?

Same crash problem here. Driver 465.24 or 465.27 makes system hang and only recovery posiible is forcing power off or reset.

Happens with Fedora 33 & 34, kernel 5.11 (any version), Quadro P5000 with 3840x1600 monitor connected trough DisplayPort

Using 460 drivers seems to work fine.

I tried duplicating issue again on same setup as I mentioned earlier and used different display model Dell U2715hc but no luck so far.
I can see from available attached reports that DELL P2415Q and BenQ SW271 are affected.
Can you please confirm if any other display models are also affected.
Meanwhile I will locate above monitors and reattempt for repro.

Dell Alienware AW2518HF attached to a GTX 1070ti here.
With 465.27 the system immediately freezes as soon I plug the Display Port cable in so I’m unable to provide useful logs.
460.73.01 is the last stable release that works for me.

I have this issue with an Acer RC271U connected by DisplayPort.

My iiyama gb2730qsu (DP, 1440p, freesync) causes a hang as well.
(My LG 27GL850-B (DP, 1440p, g-sync) works fine).

Acer v247y using display port causing issues for me.

Im having the same issue with driver 465.27 and 460.80 when using display port my monitor is Dell AW2518HF. Last driver working with display port was 460.73.01. Pc completely freezes when plugging in display port. Can you please fix this

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My GPU is RTX 2060

Here’s a reddit thread related to this issue:

Made a post about my issue similar to this on Fedora 34: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/nbrh1u/gave_up_trying_to_have_displayport_hdmi_laptop/
I’ll have to look up how to get bug reports

Primary monitor is Dell U3419W (via DisplayPort)
Secondary monitor is Dell Alienware AW2518H (via DisplayPort as well)
(CPU is AMD 5950X, GPU is GTX 1080Ti)

Issue with 465.27 even in pure console mode with no X involved

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Seems people start to report the same issue now also for 460.80 release …

Can confirm new, 460.80 also has the same problem, now it’s an urgent problem.