470.x drivers for GT 730 not working for kernel version 6.0.5

I have two machines that have identical GT 730 video cards both have 4gb memory. both machines are power workstations and fairly critical for my work. Both machine are running Fedora 36 and have been successfully using nvidia driver 470.141.03, with dkms doing the recompile when new kernel versions are installed. This morning I did a routine update, which installed 6.0.5 kernel and the 470.141.03 did not compile or install. the only driver I could find that supported kernel 6.0 was 515.76 unfortunately that driver does not support the GT 730. Any suggestions or possible information or driver availability would be appreciated.

Did you use the runfile installer? That is rather slowly updated for new kernel versions. Rather use a repo like rpmfusion for the driver, this will regularly receive patches for fedoras kernel updates.

Well I tried all of the possible install options for the rpmfusion installs as documented by fedora. All of the latest installed either 520 or 515 series drivers which do not support the GT 730 card. and installing the rpmfusion 470 series driver simply installs the 470.141.03 driver which is no different than the on driectly from Nvidia and still doesn’t work.

470 driver is a legacy driver release and i think assumption here a user who has to run a legacy driver would be sticking to LTS kernel releases as well.

You can try this patch as a workaround but since i don’t have such hw combination to test; it is on you to see if it helps or not.