[530.41.03] Missing 144hz on primary display LG only


Type : Desktop
System : Fedora 37 on Xorg
Kernel : 6.2.8-200
Nvidia Card : Geforce 970 GTX
Nvidia Driver : 530.41.03

Monitors :
Primary : LG UltraGear 34" 144hz ; connection Display Port
Secondary : Asus ROG 24" 144hz ; connection HDMI.

Since I did update my system to the latest kernel and the latest nvidia drivers, I’m no longer able to select “144hz” refresh rate from my primary display, only 60hz/99hz are available. However, the “144hz” option from my secondary monitor is still available.

Since using Fedora version 35, I never experienced any issue with my graphic card nor the refresh rate settings.