535.54.03 Screen tearing while gaming on Wayland session

Re-tested on 535.113.01, issue still present on Wayland and GNOME 44.5. Really hoping this gets fixed on the 545 branch.


We love nvidia

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@amrits Heya is there any ETA of when the broken Vsync in 535 will be fixed, this issue didn’t occur in 525 and 530 drivers, in addition it affects both wayland and xorg.

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Yep. I haven’t updated to the latest nvidia drivers for around 4 months because of this issue. Currently running Fedora 38 with the 530 drivers: ostree-image-signed:docker://ghcr.io/ublue-os/kinoite-nvidia:38-530

Changing to a higher version gives me the issue with screen tearing which is unplayable. If graphical settings are applied in running games which change the resolution, vsync and the such the game crashes.

This is tested with games which have vsync disabled but rather have Goverlay and MangoHud which limit the framerate to that of my resolution so I don’t have increased input latency. This issue is also happening with gamed NOT running with MangoHud.

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Does not just happen with Wayland, has been an issue for X11 as well even with:


These two would previously fix any screen tearing, but not since the 535 branches.

Interesting. I had no idea XOrg is affected as well. I’m a VRR enjoyer (which works on XOrg) so I didn’t notice any tearing in 535.

Thanks, im running that same image now. A hat in time is a terrible experience on the latest driver due to screen tearing and it makes me wonder how such a major regression in the driver came to be

+1 same here on OpenSuse Leap 15.5, Gnome 41.8, Nvidia A2000, 2 x screens (1 x 4k60 Samsung, 1 x 1080p60 Lenovo), Nvidia driver 535.113.01, Wayland session. Playing games in fullscreen = horizontal tearing can be seen in the upper half of the screen even when Vsync is turned on in the game settings (triple buffering doesn’t do anything either). Windowed mode is not affected by this, nor have I seen X11 perform this way in fullscreen.

I have a separate bug filed for screen tearing on X11 session but unfortunately i am not able to duplicate issue locally with game “Insurgency Sandstorm”

@sfjuocekr @kodatarule seems to have issue on X11, could you please share bug report, reliable repro steps and repro video for refrence.

You can reproduce it 100% of the time by doing the following: enable forcecomp/forcefullcomp(either work) and then enable either regular Vsync or adaptive sync through mangohud. That brings tearing 100% of the time(this didn’t happen on 525/530 and it was a good way to smooth out picture on some lightweight games which are not competitive and don’t require uncapped fps.

Could you please list out games which you have tried and observed tearing.

Yes - the most evident one would be CS2 - enable vsync(regular or adaptive sync), there is clear horizontal tearing.
Attaching a video(recorded with gpu-screen-recorder). The video showcases it very subtly, but you can see subtle horizontal tear, while in-game it’s a lot more. Not sure what happened between 525/530 to 535, but this issue is present on 535 and not 525/530.
ForceComp + Vsync/AdaptiveVsync.
Tearing.zip (5.5 MB)

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Thanks for the information, I will try and update.

Explicit sync support in Xwayland requires that the compositor (GNOME, wlroots, Kwin) also support explicit sync which is not completely in our control.
However, we are working with GNOME and proposed a patch adding the required support to GNOME but can not confirm exact ETA on it.


I am a little bit confused right now. The previous driver series didn’t tear in games, with missing explicit sync in XWayland. Previously we had title bar flicker on apps or window flicker, but Vulkan games ran fine. Now tearing in games is another issue due to lack of explicit sync?

There was screen tearing with 535 series drivers, but with 545 series it’s look like there indeed are flickering (like with discord, steam, etc), which make gaming on wayland unplayable…

Is this why I’m seeing tearing/glitches even with VRR on 545?

Thank you for testing the new beta. Looks like Wayland will be unusable for gaming until explicit sync lands in Mutter, which looks to be GNOME 46. You’re testing on Plasma, so KWin is also affected. Any ETA on that? I hope it’s ready for Plasma 6, since they’re ditching X11.

Went from fine, to tearing, now flickers. What an absolute joke.

Hey. Maybe a better test case to reproduce this issue for you.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

with DXVK version v2.3 there is huge amounts screen tearing happening with ForceCompositionPipeline enabled.
when setting dxgi.syncInterval = 0 in the dxvk.conf the tearing also goes away.

with DXVK version v2.2 the tearing is not present at all. no need for dxgi.syncInterval = 0 setting either.

I might be way off with this but could it be something to do with VK_KHR_present_wait which DXVK v2.2 doesn’t seem to make use of but is present with DXVK v2.3

Nvidia drivers 545.23.06
RTX 3080
X11, MATE desktop, Arch Linux.

I was able to find a very clear example - no need for vsync/adaptive vsync, just enable forcecomp and start on steam 30XX(that’s the title of the game) with latest proton experimental = this game has very clear horizontal tear in the middle of the screen.