5G enablement and Connectivity in Jetson AGX orin

Is there any procedure or documentation for 5G enablement in Jetson AGX Orin?
If there please provide us.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry. No experience on this part. Please check if similar posts on all jetson forum and see if any other users tried that before.

Thank you Wayne for your reply.
And one question, nvidia itself not even tried this and don’t know about this?

At least the support team over here didn’t know about this info.
Maybe some vendor tested this on Orin directly. You need to consult with them first.

Basically, it is just like any kind of devices in use on jetson. For example, enabling a wifi card or wired ethernet NIC. We can only guarantee the pcie part to work fine because it is our driver. As for the device driver part, it is up to the vendor to handle.

Quectel 5G Modems over USB3 would work if NVidia would have provided compiled versions of all the required modules already present in the Linux kernel, eg. , cdc-ecm, cdc-mim, qmi-wwan,…

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