Is AGX ORIN compatible with 5G?

I have come across an article stating that AGX ORIN can use 5G which is attached as well [Bring 5G benefits to NVIDIA Jetson platform | Quectel]. Not sure about the process so I attached some of my doubts in below as well

  1. Is Jetson AGX ORIN compatible for using a 5G module ? If yes , how do we connect it?
    We came across a design diagram and assuming that the module can be connected to the M.2 M-key Slot , is the assumption correct

  2. Regarding the communication of the cellular modem ,how exactly is it configured on this device ?

  3. If the testing is done , could you be able to share the test results and procedure you have followed ?

  4. Is it tested by NVIDIA on Jetson AGX ORIN or not ? Also are the above procedures compatible with AGX XAVIER ?
    It would be very grateful if any references are shared related to this discussion. Thank You

LTE (4G/5G) Modems use M.2 Type B connectors. and have 2242 format, The primary interface on the connector used is USB 3.0. USB 2.0 would work, but would limit the transfer speed. The module needs 3.7V nominal (min 3.125V, max 4.4V, up to 3A for brief times). No connector on the Orin will satisfy these requirements.

You will need to design a carrier board with M.2 B, USIM slot, power that connects to one of the USB3 ports.
The modem will need cooling!

Or buy the RMU500EK module, which is an RM500Q-GL modem on a carrierboard with heatsink, antennas and USB-C to the computer.

Jetpack does not have all the required modules. (Why NVidia?) You will need to get the kernel source and compile the missing modules yourself. You will need at least qmi_wwan.ko. Otherwise you will only see the serial ports but not the wwan0 network device.

Then the moden is recognized by ModemManager and NetworkManager out of the box.

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