Does AGX Orin have 5G compatibility?

This article states, AGX Orin can use 5G.

[](https://quectel nvidia jetson platform)

But when I do lspci I dont see any interface.

Please do give clarity.
How to give 5G capabilities for AGX Orin?


This problem is actually just a PCIe issue for current situation. Has nothing to do with 5G yet…

I am not sure about how much you want to try. To debug a PCIe issue, some kernel knowledge is required.

Or directly contact the 5G vendor if there if any software patch needed to enable their card.

I also wonder…is that a PCIe NIC? Is it m.2? Is it regular PCIe? If it is, can you put this on another Linux computer, and see what lspci shows there?

Most M.2 modems are actually USB 3.0 devices, Some Quectel modems do have PCIe, but you need to activate ist first. No idea if there is a driver for it. QMI via USB does work.

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