JETSON AGX ORIN - 100G Ethernet support


We would like to know whether AGX Orin can support 100G Ethernet.
As per the datasheet, there are 4 MGBE controllers inside Orin, so these can be merged together to get 40G throughput?
If Orin supports 100G Ethernet, pls. share references for the same. Or let us know if there is any other way to support it, may be through PCIe to Ethernet controllers?


Users report that regular 100G NICs work in the PCIe slot.
I can personally confirm that it works with 10G NICs and I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for faster ones.

Yes, we finally managed to have some 100 GbE ConnectX-6 NIC working in the AGX Orin, but we had to update both the NIC and Orin firmware.

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