The second10G NIC support on AGX orin 32GB board

i used custom board,Jetson AGX orin 32G,jetpack 5.1,L4T 35.2.1,
My hardware has added a network card,

The places I can think of to change are as follows.
Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template_1.5 to change mgbe function,


How should I modify to support this second 10G network card?


We don’t support the second 10GbE.

Then if this network card runs at 1G speed, can it be driven ? Or the hardware just won’t work at all.

No, as the design guide document shows. We only support one MGBE interface there.

You can enable another RGMII interface which will only be 1GB but it is not on UPHY lane…

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Please check this topic, thank you, we also use uphy1 to convert to pcie to enable a 10G network card of aqc113.

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