[HW] Questions depending on option selection

Hi I’m aron,
I would like to construct the orin circuit by changing the cut circuit.

  1. After selecting config#2 above, I want to connect two 10G Ethernet (AQC-107S)In ORIN.
    When I designed xavier model, the 10G is connected through the NVHS0 pin In Xavier.
    If I make orin design, can I connect it to UPHY_RX2/TX2~UPHY_RX5/TX5 pins?
    Also, the control pin is in the C7 block. Is the picture below correct?
  2. The M.2 connection configuration is different from XAVIER.

    Higher pins are connected to lower pins.
    Is there a problem with my connection configuration?
    I am asking because I am not sure if I can connect from the lower level when connecting to 10G.(UPHY_RX2/TX2~UPHY_RX5/TX5)


Thanks for visiting the forums. Your topic will be best served in the Jetson category.

I will move this post over for visibility.


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As a result, my questions are:
I would like to use two PCIe in the agx orin module.
For one PCIe port, I can look at the reference circuit.
How can I connect and use other PCIe?

Just need to follow the Design Guide lane mapping config you chose and the pin description table in DG to make design.

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I have additional questions.
If I use two PCIEs, can I use two drivers for AQC-107S-B1-C?
Xavier supported the AQC-107S-B1-C driver on one PCIE.
If I connect ORIN to COFIG #2 and use two PCIEs, will the AQC-107S driver be provided?

Do you mean you want to support two AQC-107S devices with two PCIE ports on Orin? That should be no problem. And you should get the driver of external device from vendor not from us.

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