Regarding Orin product development

Hello. I’m Aron

We have been making automotive logging systems with Xavier products.

I am trying to make a new logging product with Orin products.

I have a question.

  1. Is it possible to change CONFIG #1, #2 in ORIN according to the purpose of use?

    example ) UPHY_RX0/TX0 = config #2, UPHY_RX6/TX6 = config #1

  2. How many chips like AQC-107 can be used for 10G Ethernet if config #2 is used?

    cf) How many pcie ports can be used?

  3. How many MBE ports are supported?(Does most Ethernet support 10G?)

  4. Can the grayed out part be changed by the user? If possible, can you explain how to change it?

I want to use the Ethernet port to the maximum to store various types of sensors.


You can pick up one of them in each UPHYx block.

For example, pick config #1 for UPHY0, config#2 for UPHY1 and again config #1 for UPHY2.

Only 1 MGBE at most. And gray box cannot be used.

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Thank you for your replay.

I have an additional question.

Like the xavier in the picture, can the orin be used by dividing the functions?

for example, On the right of the image, the orin is available for pcie x8.

Is it possible to divide it into multiple PCIe x4, PCIe x 1, PCIe x2, etc like the xavier?


Nope. Not possible.

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