Questions about Jetson AGX Orin USB 3.x, PCIe, UFS, and MGBE Mapping Options

Dear Sir:
As shown in the red box in the picture, can the settings of Config #1, 2, and 3 be changed?
For example, if I set UPHY0 L0 to Config #1 Function USB 3.2 (P0), then set UPHY1 L0~UPHY1 L7 to Config #3 Function PCIe x4 (C5) RP/EP, and then set UPHY2 L0~UPHY2 L7 to Config #3 Function PCIe x4 (C5) RP/EP Config #2 Function PCIe x8 (C7) RP/EP
Is this setting feasible? Thanks

Yes, only need to note one port for one config.

Dear Trumany:
Thank you very much for your reply.

Hi, there is new update about this. As listed in latest Design Guide: Only one of the three supported configurations can be used in a design. No mixing or matching of interfaces between the configurations is supported.

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