Orin uphy config

we want to use as follow (UPHY0, lane0-1 for usb; UPHY0, lane4-7 for m.2; UPHY1, lane0-7 for pcie x8; UPHY2, lan4-7 for mGBE(C0-C3) ), is it possible?

any suggest will be help,thx!

the upper words of this table: Only one of the three supported configurations can be used in a design. No mixing or matching of interfaces between the configurations is supported..

How to understand this , so this scheme is not feasible, right?

It means you cannot pick one config from #1 and another one from #2, #3.

If you want to use config#1, then the whole configuration should be same as config #1.

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Hi dear WayneWWW ,thanks for you reply!
If so, my plan is not feasible. and it is a troublesome problem.

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