AGX Orin vs. AGX Xavier pinmux configuration

The Jetson AGX Orin Series and Jetson AGX Xavier Series Interface Comparison and Migration DA-10655-001_v1.2 mentions two possible configurations for the high speed transceivers (Config 1 and 2). UPHY RX0 and TX0 can be configured to USB 3.2 or PCIE. Is it possible to use USB3.2 in config 2 for UPHY RX0 and TX 0 instead of PCI Express (while every other transceiver is configured according to config 2)?

please refer to the design guide document. we only support those 2 configs.

Also, changing UPHY mapping does not require to modify anything in pinmux.

Sorry, there was a typo.

“we only support those 2 configs.”

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