64 bit version of libcuda


it there any plan to supply a 64 bit version of libcuda and others ?

Mark Donszelmann

Me too!!

I’m a bit surprised even there are no 64bit versions. I’m linking against libraries in a 64bit matlab environment, and require
64bit versions of each library to be available in order to produce a compatible mex file. The problems we are working on
are vast in size so it’s not even an option to downgrade to a cripple 32bit version of matlab. So pretty please get use some of
the magic 64bit potion here.

Cheers, Bart

In fact I need it for Java on MacOS X. Java 6 only works in 64 bit. Now I need to run in Java 5 (32 bits).

aaarrrgghh, sorry about my linux-related post. Did not notice I was in the MacOs section.

CUDA for Mac OS X is 32bit only for now, so you cannot use it from a 64bit program.

We are considering adding a 64bit version

Is there any way that this might happen in the near future? I’m hitting a wall here.

[Mac newbie here]

Is Darwin so different from other Linux distros that the current Linux-x64 driver (with CUDA) won’t work?


it’s not the distro, it is the kernel that is different. And yes it is the linux kernel versus the darwin kernel. Completely different.

OS X has quite a bit of source compatibility with Linux for user programs. Many programs that work on Linux can be recompiled with few changes on OS X because OS X has nearly all the same standard library functions as Linux. (Nearly all the software I write can be compiled on either platform, including CUDA programs.) OS X has no binary compatibility with Linux at all, however. You cannot take a binary executable compiled for Linux and run it directly on OS X.

And, as E. D. Riedijk points out, OS X has a kernel (“Darwin”) which is as different from Linux as Linux is different from Windows. There is no driver compatibility at all, at the source or binary level.


Any update on this? Is there a rough/preliminary roadmap that includes a 64 bit Mac OS X toolkit release…?


Hi there,

Frankly Nvidia, when there will be 64 bits Mac OSX toolkit? For me 32 bits is not even a option, it’s simply impossible.

Please release it soon!


Any update on this? 32 bit isn’t an option for me either.


Still nothing?

FYI, there’s an open bug report (568444) regarding this long standing problem.
Unfortunately no details can be displayed right now due to an “unexpected error”…


Bump again.

Any update? Is this something NVidia is planning on doing or not?


We are working on it; it’s just a non-trivial amount of effort.

Helpful to know your working on it.



may we be of any assistance to the dev team to speed up the release ?

Just wanted to add: Also wanting a 64 bit version here! With Snow Leopard out for half a year, almost everything is switching to 64 bit. MacPorts is partially broken in 32 bit on SL, so that I can only build 64 bit at the moment, but of course no CUDA programs…