32 Bit Cuda 64 Bit Cuda Share Environment Question

System 64 bit Vista
Currently using 64 bit Cuda development environment

Is it possible to share 32 bitdevelopnment Cuda environment with a 64 bit Cuda developnment environment

reason Mathlab for some reason will not sell a 64 bit Student version only 32 bit

Mathwork Mathlab student version is only 32 bit I want to use Jacket which is a GPU appliction that interfaces to Mathlab


The problem is Mathlab Student 3 2bit version only want to use 32 bit files

How would or can I run both 32 bit and 64 bit version on same system

Thanks for the post… I’m guessing you’re one of the people we spoke to recently by phone about this issue. For the NVIDIA folks, the core question is:

On a 64-bit system, can you install 32-bit drivers/toolkit and compile/run 32-bit CUDA code?

The reason we’re asking is that the student version of MATLAB is incapable of running 64-bit code and so MATLAB Students using 64-bit OSes will need to get 32-bit versions of CUDA to work in order to get Jacket to work.



There’s no need. 64-bit drivers contain 32-bit DLLs (in SysWOW64). 32-bit toolkits can be installed on a 64-bit host OS just fine. Alternately, you can use a 64-bit toolkit and compile with -m32 to get 32-bit output.