64MP Arducam Module on Jetson Orin + J20?


My group and I are attempting to build a two-camera system for the Jetson Orin using the Auvidea J20 board aTnd want to use two 64MP Arducam modules. There isn’t much documentation on the actual sensor itself so we are having difficulty finding any drivers. We are also considering building our own drivers if there are none available but do not know where to start if that is the case. Any information regarding compatibility or other means of getting two cameras to work, please let us know

hello gksagastume,

you’re asking the camera solution feasibility, right?

FYI, we’ve tested with sensor that outputting 12000x9000@9-fps, it’s process through ISP, camera functionality worked.
according to the product description, this 64MP (9152 x 6944) camera sensor it looks doable

please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for camera solutions.
you may see-also Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for reference.

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