-71 error occurred on USB2 2.0 Port


            You may replace it with dummy regulator:

            ports {
                    usb2-2 {
                            vbus-supply = <&battery_reg>;

I replaced usb2-2’s vbus-supply from p3449_vdd_usb_vbus2 to battery_reg,
but USB -71 error was reproduced within 10 boot times.

[Jetson Nano]Do USB2 compliance test on USB hub

Our USB hub is not realtek-hub(RTS5411S), but microchip(USB2514BT-I).
I think realtek_hub_test_mode.zip cannot use for our emmbedded hub.

And we already confirmed that no problem with usbhub.
Because we got same -71 error with following direct USB2_D_N/P connection.


[Jetson Nano]Power control

I checked realtek_hub_power_cycle.zip , realtek_hub_power_cycle.c.
It’s based on libusb_control_transfer() and sending usb packet to usb hub.
so it can’t use after occured -71 USB error,of course.