A different D6 joint limit problem - knees and elbows.

Version and platform: PhysX 3.3.1, Windows 7, VS 2010

I used to have pretty good ragdolls using PhysX 2.8, and I accomplished reasonable limits on the knees and elbows using joint limit planes. I can’t find any information about joint limit planes in PhysX 3.x, so am attempting to accomplish the same thing (preventing knees and elbows from bending backwards) using just the joint limit cone and the initial setup transforms…

Viewed in the debug renderer, it appears that I would have achieved something approaching my goal, in that I have a limit cone which points back from the character’s knees. I would like something like this to be the actual allowed range of rotation for the lower legs:


However, on testing, I find that the joint limit behavior appears to be still centered on the starting position of the leg, allowing just as much rotation forward as backward:


Is there some fundamental fact I’m totally missing out on, or is this a massive bug in PhysX?

(PS - is there a way to upload or display images directly here instead of just posting a link?)

Thanks for any words of wisdom, this is driving me crazy. :-P

Just a quick ping… no ideas on this one at all? Does anyone have any other way to make joints only bend one way, other than rotating the joint’s frame of reference? Are there really no limit planes in physx 3? Accurate ragdolls are essential to my whole project - they must be possible, right? All input welcome!