Allow prismatic joint to be powered

At present I have to use the D6 joint in order to simulate a driven prismatic joint. Whilst this isn’t in itself a problem, the D6 joint has a single sided limit rather than separate upper and lower limits. In other physics engines (ODE and Bullet in particular) it is possible to create a slider joint with a limit in just one direction.

In PhysX, I must use local poses so as to effectively position the constraint centrally between the upper and lower limits in order to support cases where the magnitude of the lower limit is not equal to the magnitude of the upper limit. This does not work where the lower limit is unrestricted (-Inf) or the upper limit is unrestricted (+Inf). In such cases we can’t position the joint centrally between the two limits reliably.

Would it be possible to allow the prismatic joint to be driven and with separate upper and lower limits - much like the revolute joint? Alternatively, failing this, would it be possible to have separate upper and lower limits for the D6 joint.