a new getting started please all kinds of problems...getting started

hi all:

i would really like to play/learn cuda.
i have done a tiny bit of C++ in linux.

im cant seam to get everything working.
some of the sample sln files work and some are dont.

could someone please list “EVERYTHING” that we need to do all the example .sln`s?

i have an nf4 motherboard with an 8800 gts 512 running vista sp1 32bit and the 177.39 driver.

examples of everything:
my directx runtime is june and the SDK is march<<<<is that a problem?
vs 2005<<<<anything else that needs to go with that?

i forget what “everything” is cause i have uninstalled cuda about a week ago or so.

if someone could install vista sp1 32bit and just explain everything you had to do to get all the .sln examples to work.

i figure there is no reason moving forward till i have a working development enviroment.
i know the readme does not say everything that is needed.

im pretty much brand new to C programming but i used to program a little basic and even a little asm along time ago and i loved it.

if someone could just list “Everything” that needs to be installed i would appreciate it.
i have dloaded cuda 2.0 beta cause im guessing that will work the best with 177.39

oh you might ask how im running 177.39
just added my card in there cause it is basically a 9800 series cause we both have G92 chips so it works great.

btw i like to use the latest drivers cause i am a gamer.
but if you explain what “has” to be used im sure i will use that and take a back seat to gaming…as these drivers seam to work pretty good…except for the tv-out etc…
physx works fine.

This thread might be helpful for you


not one reply?
thanks alot.
glad to see you all got it working fine.
what about new people?

I think that most people would like a little effort out of you. If this many people were able to get it up and running, I’m sure you can. Try searching keywords that might be similar to what you need. I don’t think anyone is gonna spend an hour trying to think of every single thing that you need to do. If you have a specific question I’m sure they will answer it.

well if that is what you think that is your own opinion not everyone else.

you speak for youself.

read here:


there is alot of effort i put into it already and still am.

you act like this is pulling teeth just to get you to tell me exactly what you did to get it all working.

thanks alot.


  • CUDA-supporting driver
  • CUDA toolkit

Read the releasenotes of toolkit & SDK for everything that is needed.

im sorry to be rude.

but by any chance did you just copy and paste that info from HERE?

if you dont think i read that and DID that…well ill just bite my tounge and not say anything.

now could someone please give me PRECISE information on EXACTLY what they installed and HOW they SETUP to get it to work with all the .sln project files in the CUDA SDK?

again ill state some of the things that i know.

i have directx RUNTIME june 2008

i have directx SDK march 2008

i have vista sp1 32bit and all updates

i have nvidia 8800 gts 512 177.39 driver with moded inf to make it work and it does work in all games AND in the physX tests.

i have vs 2005

well here is actually what i have installed in my add amd remove programs.

if someone could post some screenshots of their vs2005 include and library options maybe that could help

i run that little app called CUDA_VSExpress_Wizard1.2 after i install all that stuff listed in add remove program files.

if someone could install vista sp1 32bit and just explain everything you had to do to get all the .sln examples to work.

Forget about Vista 32, 32bit programs are going to obsolete :-)

Vista 64 is the only choise. I am working on Vista64 with CUDA SDK 2.0beta and having no problem.

I didn’t installed DX sdk separately, just installed everything for C++ for VS2005.

Also I have VS2008, but do not work with it. I didn’t modified any setting inside VS. Just opened SDK example and hit Ctrl+Alt+F7, F5 and it works.

Tip: In the beginning place all your new project in the folder with SDK examples. That will remove some headache with include paths.

Well, let me be sorry that I am rude also.

I see nothing related to CUDA in this list, so why are you asking this on a CUDA forum?


what exactly is everything?

something is differnet why i cant build some of the projects.

look at that link above in my prev post called “add and remove programs”

its a picture of everything i have installed cuda related.

did you even read my previous post?

and click the links to the images?

No, I did not, I responded to your response, which listed all kinds of directx stuff. I gave you an overview of the things I did to get it working on my vista laptop. I do not see any images in this thread at all.

Arguing with everyone that tries to help you is not gonna teach you CUDA.

If you want some easy setup, I would recommend installing linux, nvidia drivers then just compile your .cu programs at the console with ‘nvcc’. It is as easy as:

#include <stdio.h>

__global__ void kernel(int * result) {

   result[0] = 20; //sample code, does nothing useful


int main() {

   int * d_results = 0;

   cudaMalloc((void**)&d_results, sizeof(int) * 1);

   int * h_results = new int[1];


   cudaMemcpy(h_results, d_results, sizeof(int) * 1, cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost);

   printf("Result calculated inside cuda kernel: %i\n", h_results[0]);

   return 0;


It’s really tough in the beginning, lots of stuff are not the same way as C, because they are parallel.

CUDA is a new technology, so it can’t be as documented as stuff that are on the market for a long time.

Be patient and learn slightly, that way you will get to where you want

did anyone even read my topic of this thread or the 1st post?

no one can seem to follow directions

my question has nothing to do with programming in C or C++

im trying to COMPILE still

something is not installed right or configured right.

when i want to learn C or C++ which cuda will have someday ill just get started by looking at the project examples that come with cuda or i will google C or C++ examples on the net.

im still trying to get cuda running good.

maybe something is not configured correctly in VS2005

could someone that has ALL the cuda sdk AND DX SDK examples working good take some screen shots of VS2005 inc and lib paths?

its a link in my post to the images…the key word of the link is UNDERLINED.

put your mouse over it and click it.


The inc and lib paths are preset for each project file. There should be no changes needed.

this is exact output when building simpleD3D9 example poject from SDK

------ Rebuild All started: Project: simpleD3D9, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------

Deleting intermediate and output files for project 'simpleD3D9', configuration 'Debug|Win32'

Performing Custom Build Step









Embedding manifest...

Performing Post-Build Event...

Build log was saved at "file://c:\programs\Develop\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\projects\simpleD3D9\Debug\BuildLog.htm"

simpleD3D9 - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)

========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========

At leas post your so we can see why you are unable to build your project

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\projects\simpleD3D9

vs2005 output of trying to build when the debug.

------ Build started: Project: simpleD3D9, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
Performing Custom Build Step
C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (March 2008)\Include\d3d9.h(40) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘objbase.h’: No such file or directory
Build log was saved at “file://c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\projects\simpleD3D9\Debug\BuildLog.htm”
simpleD3D9 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

everything i installed is in its default locations.

If u are using VC++ 2005 Express then you can not build WIN32 applications unless u install Windows SDK (it’s renamed Platform SDK)…

if that is the problem try to download and install

Well, the only thing I can say is that I have vista32, I installed VS2005, Cuda-enabled display driver, CUDA SDK & CUDA toolkit. I did not install all the other stuff you did install. For me it is working.

Try a different project, such as fast walsh, or particles. I can’t compile the D3D project either, but I didn’t have trouble with most of them. I assume its some missing include or missing file on my computer and didn’t bother with it. Also, bandwidth test should work.