A WORKING way to make GPU Optimization On Kali Linux 2016.2 Possible! Really.

(Note: I originally posted this last month on a Windows board by mistake. Silly me.)

So, after months of scouring forums, and more than a couple frustrating incidents where I had to completely reinstall Kali after Nvidia’s recommended way of installing drivers on Linux made my system completely FUBAR, I have FINALLY found a tutorial that works. Like, really, actually works. I have GPU optimization running in KALI Linux… I’ll post some screenshots if possible, just to quell any understandable doubts some of you may harbor.
Apologies if I’m appearing a bit too over-excited about this, but from what I’ve read from a multitude of other Kali users, or Linux users in general, along with my own agonizing experience on the matter, it is a very, very, VERY frustrating thing, getting Nvidia drivers and Kali to get along, along with some other Linux distros. And the main frustration comes from the fact that most who attempt to get their tools, such as Wifite, Aircrack-ng, Pyrit, and really, just about everything, to use the lovely benefits GPU acceleration provides go to Nvidia’s website first to get instructions on how to install the drivers, or they of course just use apt-get install ; Both of which generally end with a broken GUI, confusing Xconfig errors, and many expletives being shouted.
Not to knock Nvidia, but TWICE I had set up appointments with their supposed Linux experts, and even after I asked them very specific questions on how to make my GTX960M card and my (very respectably looking customed up) Kali system make GPU optimized bahbees together, they still just shrugged their shoulders and directed me to their seriously non-consumer-friendly and very wrong instructions that made me and many others frothing at the mouth, jaw-on-the-floor LIVID angry considering that their FAQ on how to do it makes your system fundamentally unusable after only a few clicks and button presses…
WELL, here, my friends, is a link to the only tutorial out of the 20-30 that I attempted that worked.
I am posting it here on account of the fact that it needs to be on the official Nvidia forums (if it hasn’t already been posted, if so, I am sorry), and it needs to be easier to find for all who may wish for their Kali tools to run seemingly 50x-100x faster. I haven’t done an exact comparison yet, but I’ll be dipped in ARPs and rolled in ACKcrumbs if it doesn’t make my Acer Nitro V17 Black Edition running Kali as my host distro worth every penny of the $1200 I dropped for it…

This is the link:


I take no credit for the author’s work. But I will say I want to give the guy that figured all of this out a big friggin’ hug, haha.
All I ask is for anyone who this post helps, or if for some reason has issues with it, please say something. Because Nvidia should at least be aware that their FAQ on the matter isn’t the correct way to achieve this.
Oh, and by the way. this tutorial DOES NOT apply if you are running Kali as a virtual machine.
At this time, that I believe, is still not possible.