Nvidia bug on Kali Linux

Hi all.
I’m using Kali Linux 2016.1 OS and have usually problem on Nvidia’s driver. My laptop has Geforce 820M video card. It’s hybrid graphics with Intel 4400 (Nvidia Optimus). Only way to use Nvidia’s video card is Bumblebee project, but it hasn’t good quality, when I’m waching movies on my laptop.
That OS has support install Nvidia’s drivers from reppositors, but after instal (no metter nvidia-340, 352, 361, …) it gaves black screen. If I try to install downloaded nvidia-driver.run, after restart there is error on screen: “Oh no, something gone wrong…”.
Only one way to start X is remove nvidia.run

My question is, how to install nvidia’s driver (not Bumblebee) without this problems.

Same problem