About 10 bits depth on IGX orin


Does IGX orin + RTX A6000 support 10-bits depth color.
Our IGX is using IGW-SW 1.0 and Nvidia GPU driver is 535.

We want to use capture card to capture YUV 422 10-bits format like Y210 or P210 and display it.

Driver release note
Show can configure 30 bits depth display.

And configure Xorg by generating a new xorg config and modify Depth and DefaultDepth from 24 to 30 as below link.

HOWTO enable 10-bit color on Linux - LinuxReviews

Does this means we can use an EGL framebuffer is UNSIGNED_INT_10_10_10_2_EXT to display 10-bits depth video?

Does there has a simple code do this?


We support YUV422 8-bit in current release. We will evaluate whether the feature can be planned for future release.

Hi DaneLLL,

We found only "6 bpc" on IGX  and "8 bpc" on x64 Ubuntu PC.
We expect it should be "8 bpc".

We use a Quantum HDMI analyzer and connect A6000 DisplayPort output to its DisplayPort input.
  1. Resolution is 1920x1080, so should not have bandwidth problem.

  2. Information

  3. Settings

  4. Quantum HDMI analyzer show “6 bpc RGB”


Please run xrandr and share the prints for reference. By default it should select common 24-bit BGR mode of the TV device.


We have two IGX,
1. IGX Developer board with IGX-SW 1.0.
2. IGX Developer kit with Holopack 2.0.

IGX with IGX-SW 1.0 has correct 8-bits depth.
We will use IGX-SW 1.0, so will not to find the root cause on Holopack 2.0.


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