Deep color for 3D applications - Option missing in Nvidia-Settings?

Hi Folks
Not sure if this is the right place for this but OpenGL looks to be most relevant forum for this question.

In Nvidia-Settings guide for Studio drivers (chap 3, Table 3.1,page 19)
Nvidia 451.77 User Guide
I see this option :
Deep Color for 3D applications - Allow/disable
However this option is missing in my Nvidia-Settings on Win 10. Why is that?

I was testing a Spears&Munsil Video for 10-bit color and when I use the DirectX video renderer in PotPlayer I see a difference in 8-bit vs 10-bit video but when I switch to the OpenGL renderer in settings, the 10-bit and 8-bit are exactly the same indicating that the OpenGL renderer is unable to render in 10-bit?

GPU is an Asus RTX 2070 mini OC 8G and Monitor is a BenQ u2711 capable of 10-bit. In the ‘Change Resolution’ settings I have successfully set it to 10-bits but I suppose that is for DirectX.

IIRC - last year NVIDIA announced 10-bit support for OpenGL applications on non-Quadro GPUs, hence I switched from AMD RadeonPro to Nvidia this month.

Thanks for your inputs on this.

I emailed directly and The developer for PotPlayer replied saying the openGL renderer does not support 10-bit only the DirectX renderer does.