About booting from NVMe

Hi, I find there are new flash ops including NVMe, in the SDKM in for Jetpack 4.6.

  1. Does it mean the NX support directly booting from NVMe? If yes, are there any extra works need be done manaully?
  2. After boot NVMe, what switch we need to use with flash.sh to update the kernel, dtb, cfg separately?



I am sharing a similar development with mine.
First of all, I do not know how to use flash.sh in question 2. Hope you get an answer.

You can write to NVMe using SDK Manager.
First write on SDCARD or EMMC.
And after writing completely, boot normally (not recovery mode) and try writing SDM Manager, then you can select NVMe.

If a user account is entered and the network is connected, it will be filled in.

@young, the steps in NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Flashing and Booting the Target Device | NVIDIA Docs is not needed, right?

If you use the SDK Manager, you don’t need it.
But if you use flash.sh, I don’t know how.
If you simply enter an image, please use the SDK Manager.

  1. Write to SD card or EMMC in recovery mode.
  2. In normal boot mode, select NVMe with SDK Manager and write.

The version I used is “SDK Manager”.
I also want to know how to use flash.sh.

Yes, the latest SDKM can do all things. And the original flash.sh still work, only need change the storage block name to nvme.


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