About building the kernel

Hello sorry to bother you, I encountered the following error when using nvbuild.sh。
Error: Env variable CROSS_COMPILE_AARCH64_PATH is not set!!
But when I use echo ¥CROSS_COMPILE_AARCH64_PATH in the current terminal, it shows that I have configured the environment variables to gcc9.0. So I don’t know the reason for this. It is my first time to build the kernel. I wonder if you have any relevant information on this issue. Provide me with solution ideas

Hi, not exactly sure what you are trying to do - but if you are compiling the kernel sources from another computer (could be your own PC with x86-64 architecture) for the Orin (target which is aarch64), you would probably be cross-compiling, which requires the bootlin toolchains and $CROSS_COMPILE_AARCH64_PATH should be set to that instead of your own gcc-9.0 on the host computer.
See this: NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Compiling Source Code - RidgeRun Developer Wiki

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