Accelerating Fortran DO CONCURRENT with GPUs and the NVIDIA HPC SDK

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Fortran developers have long been able to accelerate their programs using CUDA Fortran or OpenACC. Now with the latest 20.11 release of the NVIDIA HPC SDK, the included NVFORTRAN compiler automatically accelerates DO CONCURRENT, allowing you to get the benefit of the full power of NVIDIA GPUs using ISO Standard Fortran without any extensions, directives,…

I heard about this in SC18. Glad that it has finally become reality! super useful. looking forward to full implementation without the limitations mentioned in the blog post.

When is it scheduled for release?

We appreciate your interest! We are continuing to work on removing limitations, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases with improvements.

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Hi. The DO CONCURRENT implementation will be available in our next release of the NVIDIA HPC SDK, version 20.11.

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