Access point on Jetson nano

So here is the catch, I’m trying to create an access point on the jetson nano with a PCIE based WiFi module which works upon installing but I can’t configure it to work as a hotspot.
I’mnot using the wlan0 but using ppp0 which is the waveshare 4G modules for Nvidia Jetson.
How do I make this work

Is it a 4G module on PCIe or a wifi PCIe module?

@WayneWWW The WiFi module is an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 adapter while the 4G module is a
mounted on the GPIO PINs of the Jetson Nano.

So which one cannot work here? The wifi module or the 4G module?

the wifi module is not working. it creates access point but doesn’t connect to the 4G module as it should

Is your mobile phone able to connect to this AP?

no it can’t. doesn’t even see it