Jetson nano in 5GHz hotspot for the AC8265 facing issue

We have interfaced Jetson Nano Production Module (4 GB) with the Intel AC-8265 Wi-Fi module.

We ware working on 2.4GHZ in CH-6 for connecting jetson nano, we had faced no issues, but when we switched to 5GHZ in CH-149 and other supported channels issue occurs.

The jetson nano connected with Wi-Fi chip and it works as a hotspot device.

We have got some issues like:-

  1. After rebooting or restarting the jetson nano sometimes Wi-Fi hotspot not created.
  2. When we power off the jetson nano and starts again the Wi-Fi shows instantly.
  3. When we use this command “nmcli con up <device_name>“ for soft rebooting the jetson nano, Either the Wi-Fi created within 7 minutes or it doesn’t created until 20+ minutes.
  4. When we use this command "reboot” Wi-Fi hotspot created after around 1.5 minutes

SoftAP in the 5GHz band is restricted in most jurisdictions, so many modules just don’t implement it or it is turned off in the module’s internal eeprom. I’ve had issues with many Intel Wifi modules (AX200/AX210 don’t work as AP in 5GHz/6GHz at all).
You may try modules with Qualcom chipsets. Emwicon, Sparklan and Compex have a number of modules with Qualcom (former Atheros) chips. Just make sure you get modules with 5G AP enabled in your jurisdiction or the right vendor tools to access the internal eeprom.

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AP mode cannot be enabled in non-2.4 GHz channels

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