Access to SW to change SPLIT profile

Good morning,
I need to access a sw HDR qm8790, to make a split of several ports and use them as 100gbps instead 200.
The equipment only comes with an I2C connection and an I2C to USB female cable.

I have tried to use mlxconfig tools to access the device and change the profile to SPLIT but it seems to be unavailable. Any advice on how to use the I2C interface, or some other way to access the SW (of course it has neither RJ45 nor console port).
Regards, I

Hello cabrillo,

This is Cho from NVIDIA.
Basically QM8790 switch is unmaged/external managed switch.
if you need to control/configure the switch, we recommend you to use external manage tool such as UFM/MFT.

Especially, regarding the cable split, you may be able to utilize ‘mlxlink’ command of MFT.

If you have further and detail questions, please contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support with the entitlement.