Need console cable pinout for QM8790

Having trouble console into a QM8790 switch. I don’t have an official Mellanox console cable.
From documentation the QM8790 switch is supposed to be managed via console port.
The only management port on the machine is a single micro usb port and no RJ45 ports of any kind.
Shouldn’t this port supply RS232 signaling if it acts as a console port?
Some documentation says this port is duel I2C/RS232 if so what cable pinout would work?


QM8790 is unmanged switch. That means, the switch does not have DISK and OS. So QM8790 does not have Management port. The console port you are mentioning is for other special purpose.
In case QM8790 (Unmanged switch) is only manged by in-band communication channel. That is InifniBand protocol MAD.