Need console cable pinout for QM8790 Mellanox switch

Having trouble console into a QM8790 switch. I don’t have an official Mellanox console cable.
From documentation the QM8790 switch is supposed to be managed via console port.
The only management port on the machine is a single micro usb port and no RJ45 ports of any kind.
Shouldn’t this port supply RS232 signaling if it acts as a console port?
Some documentation says this port is duel I2C/RS232 if so what cable pinout would work?

QM8790 is an externally managed switch which doesn’t have console port.

  • The micro-usb interface is used for providing I²C access. This is used for debugging purposes by NVDA FAEs.

Please refer to the HW UM:

What are you trying to achieve with console access to the (externally managed) switch?


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