Cable is detected but SX6036 shows port down


Completely new to Mellanox here. I have an IB SX6036 that I factory reset and ran through the initial setup. Mgmt port has an IP and I can ssh to the switch. I plugged an IB cable from the switch to a server to test, Mellanox brand 3m cable. The switch shows the cable is detected, but the link never comes up. It just shows Polling. Also, I looked under licensing and there is no license installed. I just wanted to test for a link, so L2 is all that I need. Do I need a license for the port to come up?

Can anyone give me some advice on where to go from here?

Which cable do you use ? If you have PN and SN ,

And what is Switch OS version , you can use #show version


Hi Suo,

Thank you for the reply. After further testing, I have determined the cable to be faulty. I replaced the cable and now have a link.

Thank you for your reply!

Good news ​