Accessing Jetson Xavier NX Development Board remotely outside LAN


Due to this pandemic situation my developers are need to access the Nvidia Jetson Xavier remotely , We tried with Anydesk, VNC it is not working,

Please help us with one solution

you may like to consider ngrok
“We tried with Anydesk, VNC it is not working,”
In order for them to work, you may need a public static ip address. Otherwise, ngrok will provide you with an endpoint; It is very handy, e.g. to throw out ssh tunnel.

In addition to what @Andrey1984 mentions, can you describe if the NX is behind a router and/or firewall? An ssh tunnel is good, but knowing more about how things are connected would help. Consider for example that even a home router could forward a particular port which originates from the outside world, but one would need to know the router is there in the first place.

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