Remote connection from windows PC


I have Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit with Ubuntu 20.04. I want to connect remotely to the jetson’s desktop from my windows laptop. I connected them through ethernet cable but cant access it directly with local ethernet IP. Should I install additional software?

Hi drmzkaan,

You can use VNC to remote connect from Windows PC.
Run below command without sudo on Xavier-NX:
$ gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false

And enable Screen Sharing from Settings → Sharing

I cant share “no networks selected for sharing”. I am trying with ethernet cable. I did this Setting Up VNC but still not working.

Now the VNC is working. But I can only connect via wifi. Jetson doesn’t connect with ethernet cable. I got “Activation of network connection failed” pop-up when I try to connect to PC or modem with cable.

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