actionscript 3 & CUDA using CUDA in flash player

I just saw a thiswebsite on the web, and I wonder is it possible to use actionscript 3 with CUDA, or at least replace the part that is in C to CUDA. If anyone try that before please let me know, I am planning to do my thesis on this.

Based on the wording of the press release, I believe this is just Adobe offloading some graphics operations and video decoding to the GPU in their runtime. It does not appear to expose any GPU functionality (including CUDA) directly to Actionscript at all.

However, someone has exposed CUDA functionality to Javascript in a customized version of Firefox:…ntest-a-winner/

Even with the interface, you will still have to write C code for the kernel (function) part to pass to the device. I am working on a .NET project with string processing and I am discovering that the interfaces are only useful (in my case) for passing data in from your platform. All the heavy functional lifting you still have to write a kernel in C or C++, don’t think there is anyway around this (correct me if I am wrong?)

Not unless you are willing to write your own compiler to generate PTX from the language of your choice. There is CUDA FORTRAN (not free), for example, which allows you to write kernels in FORTRAN.

There are higher level interfaces, which expose a more limited set of operations that don’t require writing any CUDA code. For example, I believe that PyCUDA lets you work with arrays on the GPU much the same way that numpy does. These don’t give you the full flexibility of CUDA, so there is always an interface to run kernels directly, of course. I don’t know what approach was taking with this Javascript tool, though.

So I will not be able to use as3 with CUDA unless I write my own compiler, I will be better to use C/C++ for the serious computation. Thanks