Add a M.2 Key M for SSD to the nvidia jetson nano B01 carrier board


We working on a custom carrier board design for the jetson nano. We are looking to use the design of the M.2 Key M found on Xavier on the jetson nano (PCIe loop back). If we should use this approach are there any changes we should make. We are open to any ideas we can make this work.


The main point is to refer to the Table 8. Jetson Nano USB 3.0 and PCIe Lane Mapping Configurations in nano’s OEM DG to route the x4 lanes of PCIe#0 to Key M connector.

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I made the connections to the PCIe lane as directed but have issues mapping the same for this section of the device. Please note this is a schematic from the Xavier M.2 key M. Kindly let me know what I all need to do here:
M.2 area M.2 area

Thank you for your time

The design should follow the device request. For Jetson, it provides the necessary power rails, control signals and data lanes as requested. You need to get help first from vendor of device to make clear what are needed and then implement that into your design.