Jetson Nano on Jetson Xavier carrier

Just wondering if the new Xavier carrier can be used with jetson nano. I like the 2 M.2 slots on the Xavier carrier.

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Hi, there is no reason that a Jetson Nano can’t work with a Xavier NX carrier board, however there are issues due to the PCIe assignments.
Lane 0 of the by 4 PCIe goes to the M2 connector, with the by 1 going to the M2.E connector, which means that Nano won’t be able to use the WiFi on the NX carrier board.
You can find more detail info in Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Nano Interface Comparison and Migration Application Note and the schematic of P3449 (nano) and P3509 (NX) in DLC.

That is great. Thank you for the application notes.