I have made a carrier board for the NANO module. I have refered the following documents for this design -

  • The product design document of NANO.
  • PCIe PCI Express M.2 Specification

I have placed relevant images/screenshots in this link.

Image 1 - Details the PCIe pinouts of the NANO module.
Image 2 - Details the pinouts of the SSD module.
Image 3 - Screen shot the SSD Socket 3 - Mechanical Key 2 M. This is referred from the PCI Express M.2 Specification document.

Pin 69 dictates wether the bus is SATA or PCIe. If grounded its SATA and if NC its PCIe.

Can anyone please give me a feedback on this schematic please ?

Hi, please refer to reference schematic of dev kit, it contains a key.E connector and the PETx pins are connected to PCIE_TX pins. Better to check with SSD module vendor to confirm if the tx/rx swapping is needed. And also please note, a bridge of PCIe to SATA is necessary if want to implement SATA on PCIe port on Nano.

Hi @vinod.karuvat i think you can reference the Jetson AGX Xavier r Developer Kit Cavvier Board,the tx/rx didn’t neet to swa.