Add support for VK_EXT_external_memory_host in the future release?

hello I detected It’s not exclusive nVIDIA jetson issue It’s happen too on NVIDIA desktop only in Linux drivers .
Seems not implemented this

Ih the log from pc driver It’s implemented from 2018 but not implemented for Linux driver.

It would be good to give you support,on Linux too thank you very much.

Hi _Diablo,

So you did installed the Vulkan 1.2 that we provided at, and still found this issue, right?

Yes that is even with the new image with the update vulkan 1.2 is not present
Not found this extension for some reason
For now this extension has only been detected in the windows driver on PC from 399.41 but not on Jetson or linux PC driver.

Hi _Diablo,

Thanks for reporting this issue.
I will forward this issue to our internal team to do further investigating to see if can have the fix.

Any update on this? I’m also interested in having this (though on Xavier NX). I understand it’s in the desktop Linux driver now but not in L4T yet as far as I can tell.