Additional Snippets and Extension template

It would be really great to have some additional physics snippets for simple scene setups.

For example:

Basic snippet of subscribing to dt and physics updates
On each physics update, do something (e.g. animate a character, apply a force)
The animation of a character joint would also be a nice way to explain the relationship between physics updates, rendering updates (and their respective dt)

Similarly, showing a snippet of the role the timeline has on physics (like if timeline is not playing, is there no physics update).

It would also be really nice to have additional kit-extension-templates. One start would be the same as above, a template with a physics update already setup and subscribed to. Currently there is a demo function showing it can be imported, and there are some UI buttons, but would be nice to have one where people are developing animation or physics and that makes it easier to get setup.

@user56551 Thanks for the feedback for snippets. I’ve added it to our documentation plans. For a physics extension template, I’ll let the dev team know about that enhancement request.

I created OM-63135 for the extension template feature request.