Object stops updating visually (and resumes updating)?



In the attached GIF, (~10 seconds in) the yellow block and the gripper start clipping into each other. It seems as though the yellow block stops being updated visually (while still being carried in the gripper), and resumes after it is dropped.

When the issue occurs, no warnings or errors appear in the console log. However, I’ve included some potentially relevant warnings that appear when the scene is first loaded.

2023-12-01 23:27:36 [17,027ms] [Warning] [omni.physx.plugin] Detected an articulation at /World/wx250s with more than 4 velocity iterations being added to a TGS scene.The related behavior changed recently, please consult the changelog. This warning will
only print once.
2023-12-01 23:27:37 [18,550ms] [Warning] [omni.fabric.plugin] No source has valid data array=0x21cff230 usdValid=0 cpuValid=0
Module omni.replicator.core.ogn.python._impl.nodes.OgnSemanticSegmentation load on device 'cuda:0' took 1.70 ms
[Lula] Joint 'right_finger' is specified as a mimic joint, but its control chain ['right_finger' -> 'left_finger'] terminates with a joint ['left_finger'] that is not a c-space coordinate. Mimic attributes will be ignored.

Any pointers on what physics or rendering settings to tweak here would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve verified that the block’s position (according to Prim get_world_pose() calls) continues to change as if it’s in the gripper while it visually freezes in place.