Advance Tutorial: 4.8. Adding a PickPlace Controller

Hello There,

I am trying to follow the advance tutorial to add new manipulator and then editing it also create ur5e.

When I run “”~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.1.1/"", new window opens but robot is colliding on the floor. Even when at final it tries to pick the block, position is wrong.

How can I fix this? Same is happening with ur5e.

Thank you

Hi mkaur,

Many parameters would need to be tuned for each robot separately. Did you get the follow target example working? If not, you would need to tune the RMPFlow parameters. Next you would need to make sure the gripper actually works, a surface gripper in this case is needed instead of the parallel gripper. We do have some examples using UR10 robot that you can check out under omni.isaac.universal extension. Once the gripper is verified, the parameters that goes into the pick place controller would need to be tuned for your robot, specifically events_dt and start picking height. Both of them are mentioned under section 5.8.

Did you manage to follow the tutorial for the cobotta robot?

Let me know your progress and if you still need help.

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