After change PYH 88E1512 to RTL8211FI-CG, eth0 can not get ip address

Dear All:

4: What should I do to enable eth0. I will appreciative.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Hi, Kayccc
Anyway, thank you very much for your attention.
Yes, it is exist.
I noticed that Jetson XAVIER NX also set RTL8211F as eqos@2490000 phy. So could you provide the datasheet of this part for our reference?

We cannot provide datasheet. Please contact vendor for this info.

You can refer to the devicetree of jetosn NX for this part.

  • 1: After refer to the devicetree of jetson xavier nx, the issue is same with before.

  • 2 : I copy Jetson nx phy drive /kernel-4.9/drives/net/phy/realtek,c to Jetson agx, the issue is same with before.

  • 3: The following picture is our schematic diagram, could you provide some advices?

  • 4: Refer this schematic diagram design, RTL8211F in other platform devices works normal.

We detect that: TX and RX have no signal, mdio has only once signal by the oscilloscope.

I am also replacing this part, Is there a solution?

It was a hardware problem, and we solved it by self-checking the hardware

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