Xavier platform, ether_linux driver problem

We encountered a problem: sometimes we ping fails until we ifconfig down/up the adapter on xavier.

The error info with ethtool(ethtool -S eth0) we get:

It can be seen that the statistics of rx_buf_unavail_irq_n and rx_buf_unavail_irq_n are very large and continue to rise.

Can someone help solve it?

Which jetpack release and how to reproduce this issue? NV devkit or custom board?

Maybe I mentioned the wrong subcaterory. I will close it first and then mention it in other subcaterory.

厄… 你不管發在哪我們都還是會問你一樣的問題… 不太確定你要關掉的原因…

不是Jetson平台,无法提供 jetpack release

正常使用过程中, 日常使用吞吐量在320Mbps,偶尔会在650Mbps左右 在我们的板子上概率性复现

ok 那你真的發錯地方了

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