jetpack running problem(maybe xavier - USB network problem)

When I ran jetpack, I set it to use the USB network option (“Connect to Jetson device via USB cable”). The jetpack process stopped and hinted that “Please use apt-get command to make sure the packages cuda-toolkit-10-0 libfreeimage-dev… are installed correctly on the target device”.
But it seems there is not internet available on the AGX target if I donn’t use the wired CAT5 Ethernet, is there?

I answered here…sort of a duplicate question, but this might be a good place to start as a new thread based on USB-C (the other thread was just wired ethernet). So I’ll paste what I had here (normally I’d use the first thread and skip the duplicate thread, but this adds a new twist with USB-C others might want to see…I just happened to see the other thread before this thread):

Did you have the USB-C connected? After the Xavier flash completes it will reboot (or if you are just adding packages and not flashing the Xavier will boot straight to Linux and not need a reboot between steps).

It is during the reboot, that if the USB-C cable is connected, you will see a new ethernet device (the PC is fully booted, run “dmesg --follow”, and then an ethernet device should be visible as the Xavier boots…if you then run JetPack with only package addition steps, and set to use USB with PC setting, it should work). It is once that device appears you should be able to tell JetPack to use USB for talking to the Xavier for package additions.

On the other hand, there are sometimes some issues with the package manager itself, and it could be unrelated to the USB-C method.